Web Site Development

CJamesRun Design can create your small business website. Here are just some of the projects I have worked on.



Ken Yasinski with Face 2 Face Ministries is launching a new site focused on his speaking, conference facilitation, and retreat leading.

CatholicSpeaker.com needed to focus on the options, career and availability of Ken.

Ken wanted the site to be clean, and minimal, but stylized to his preferences. Ken’s site was created with a custom template for Joomla 3.x . Ken wanted to be able update the site himself, without needing to use an dedicated desktop editor. All of his updates are done online, from where ever he is.


Youtube videos, instagram, tweeter, and social feeds are all integrated. Ken’s site was launched within 8 weeks from start to finish.catholicspeaker-czoon


Thank you for working with me Ken.

Relaunch & Redesign of the Archdiocese of Regina Website

Church and Diocese web design. Archdiocese of Regina homepage

The Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan had a website. In fact it 2011 it still had a very large website. It was full, packed with archives of things that didn’t exist anymore, it had news dating back to 2004. The news (other than being dated) had no connections to ministries, it wasn’t connected to parishes, or even formation of the diocese. It was all just there. It really lacked organization, it also lacked appeal. It was difficult to find things that were important, it was hard to locate contact persons.

I worked with the Archdiocese of Regina for many months, in re-organizating their content, and moving that content from hundreds of static HTML pages into a database driven Drupal based content management system.

Church and Diocese web design. Archdiocese of Regina homepage

Church and Diocese web design. Archdiocese of Regina homepage

Features of the Archdiocese of Regina Web Redesign

  • Each ministry has the ability to edit and keep track of their own area of the site.
  • Each ministry has the option to set up their own blog.
  • Events on the event calendar can be added by the public, or by ministries.
  • Social integration! Facebook. Twitter and Youtube, as well as share links.
  • Major Redesign for the Library and Resource Center.
  • Content Management is easier than ever before, and they all have full access to make updates.

The Library and resource center needed to have a custom module created for it. Features include:

  • Searchable (full text)
  • Reservation system
  • Circulation System

Catholic Churches Getting Online

As a major change for the diocese all of the Catholic Churches in the diocese have a photo, mass times, and they can be searched by location.

CJamesRun is helping churches get online with web design.

Cary Molyneux, CJamesRun Design, has been working with Catholic Diocese to get them online, and to be able to have clear and functioning sites. I have worked with Diocese and Archdiocese to help them generate and implement a plan for their site. I have worked on updating their websites to meet the needs of their particular diocese.

Parish websites are smaller and can be developed and launched within a month or two.

If you want to contact CJamesRun Design about your parish or diocese having a new webmaster, or a new site, please do.

Design and Launch of Magnificat Ministries Website

Magnificat Ministries Frontpage, Design

Magnificat Ministries is a Catholic lay apostolate which has been actively engaged in the New Evangelization since 1993. The apostolate is built upon the spiritual foundation of our primary vocation to marriage and the call we’ve discerned to live the hidden life of Nazareth; characterized by personal contemplative prayer, silence, solitude and manual labor. Magnificat Ministries is located in Ontario.

Marcel Dion and his wife Linda, the founder and foundress, of the ministry were looking for a website that would convey the history, power, and beauty of the work that God has put on their hearts.

Rich, deep burgundy and bold blues highlight the features of the site.

One of the unique aspects of the site, is being able to use the power of imagery to communicate depth. As the designer of the artwork, I thought that it could be communicated through aged papers, and software more subtle lines, rather than hard lines and stark images.

The testimonial pages use bright, excellent photographs to highlight the speaker.



On this site there are actually two blogs, one for each of the authors, that work in different ways. WordPress templates allow for customization depending on code, I added this in so that the requests of both of the authors could be accommodated.



It was a pleasure to work on a creative site that took time to make it just right. Both the client and the designer are very happy with the outcome.

Magnificat Ministries chose to start their design from a WordPress Template. That template was then customized and adapted to their needs, and the graphics and layout were changed to suit what they wanted and needed for their ministry. I work with PHP, MySQL, and templates almost everyday. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the content managers that I work with the most.

Saskatoon Website Design

CJamesRun Design is based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and we work with clients anywhere. Email, Skype, and phone calls make distance working easy and without problems. Are you looking for a web designer from Canada? Perhaps you are looking for a freelance webmaster. Please contact me with any questions you may have about this design or any other

Joomla 1.5 to 3.x migration and redesign


Treasures of the Church (treasuresofthechurch.com) needed a new website. Their old site was Joomla 1.5 (which we designed many years ago) and needed to be moved up to the most current system of Joomla.

Security is really important, and old versions of Joomla have many known exploits, especially in creating spam. Their site became a frequent target for spam bots, and then every so often it was hacked.



Prince Albert Catholic School Division Website Design and Launch

  • Web strategy
  • Importing of previous website content
  • Web design/creative
  • Joomla 2.5 Integration and customization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Launch on IIS platform
  • Training for new Joomla system

42121f00ffc451d0c288e11c1f28cbd4The design brief stipulated the need for a professional, stable, trustworthy appearance. One that was “youth filled, but not trendy.”

The design needed to be simple, and without the use of “radical colours” in order to appeal to parents, and teachers. The site would be used by a wide demographic, including teachers, parents, and board members of all ages.

Face to Face: Website Design



FacetoFace Ministries is a Catholic Evangelization ministry challenging people to holiness by pointing to the fullness of the Catholic Faith.  Our mission is to give saints to the Church.  By the grace of God, we hope to accomplish this mission through the services we offer God’s people.

FacetoFace Ministries needed a new website that was simple to update, but that was attractive to both parents and youth. The site needed to present the ministry as a professional, connected, but vibrant organization. 

Simplified Navigation system.

Cross promotion on various pages, draws the viewer further into the site. 


You can view the site at www.f2f.ca