BPW Saskatoon approached me a number of months back with a need for a revamp of their advertising material, specifically their sponsorship package. It wasn’t that their material was terribly out of date, it was the just needed a refresh, and it needed to be done quickly. I had a open project slot and so I took it on, in exchange for some advertising time, as well as tickets to their main fundraising banquet. The main international Women’s Day dinner is what really impressed me. It was a full house at TCU (a local venue, that seated over 500). Their guest speaker was Mellissa Fung. She spoke about her experience overseas, and how she is not advocating for the women (specifically in Afganistan) to have their rights, their voices heard.

What Mellissa shared was great, but in addition to her was the impressive gathering of women. All of the women from the Saskatoon area, who were able to be proud of what they do. I was seated with my wife, and 5 other women. Each of them were, in their own way, empowering the women around them. It was a privilege to work with BPW Saskatoon, and an honour to be mentioned at their banquet. Thank you.

Here are some of the redesigns that I created for them. Clean, professional and works to communicate the professionalism of the organization.

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