This past Friday, myself and three others, launched a new app into the world of iOS. Sandra Molyneux, Erin Lockert, and Sharon Leyne, and I have been working on this app for about a year. This app crosses over into my personal life, as well as business.

Two years ago, my wife and I were trying to teach our kids a little more about the rich history the church has with Saints. Some of the more famous ones come to mind: St. Mary, St. Joseph, St. Christopher, things from my childhood, typical Catholic Saints. Together we couldn’t remember much. Since both of us are practicing Catholics, we wanted to share this with our kids. The trouble was, there just wasn’t much out there that we found useful for our 3-7 year olds, that wasn’t too graphic, too long, or very ‘modern’. It was also spread out all over the place, and wasn’t easy to keep coming back to. We wanted something handy, something that our kids could play with.

Other Options

We had come across a ‘Saint of the Day’ wall calendar. It was too big, and very expensive. I searched all over to have something that was more interactive, and something that they would be interested in reading themselves. We didn’t find it, so we sought out to create it ourselves. We came up with a plan to do it.

Two years later the app is in the app store and is gaining a following. The reviews that we have had are positive, and constructive help is also been very helpful.

The Saint of the Day for Kids app is a great tool, we have found, that gives you a starting point to work from. I allows for printable pictures that can be colored, a short included prayer, and a great method of picking your favorites. It’s all right there, on the iPhone, or iPad, or iPod. We started it out at .99 for the first 120 (every third day) and you can purchase the rest of the saints for everyday for an additional .99 cents.

You can have a look at the website or go straight over to the iTunes Store to buy it.


Saint of the Day for Kids application provides you and your children access to hundreds of Saints lives.

This app is ad supported and comes with a lot of Saints (120+). There is an option to purchase the rest of the Saints (one for every day of the year) in the app for .99 . Just click Buy now, on any of the unavailable saints.

In a language that kids can understand, and appropriate for any age, we have compiled a Saint for everyday† of the year. Each of the descriptions can be shared and posted to Facebook. You can print a full page† with any airprint enabled printer. You can email the description and a thumbnail to anyone on your device.


Here is what the illustrations look like. It is very simple, easy to colour. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t for toddlers, but it can be. 2 – 10 years will like it. Here is a local blogger that wrote a review of it.

Easy for Kids

The descriptions of the Saints written for kids to understand, they are ‘clean’ in other words, there isn’t graphic descriptions of their death. We focused on what kids would want to know, for them, at their level. Saints weren’t perfect in their lives, and we would want our kids to aspire to be like them. Following their faith, and deepening it.


Go ahead and have a look at the website or go straight over to the iTunes Store to buy it.