A logo design is really specific to the individual business or person. What one company may need a design, be it web, logo or print, is different from all other companies needs. This variation leads to different costs.

Typically I set up an estimate and we work from there. I have set costs for specific mediums.

The cost includes what I lay out in the design agreement, or in the estimate. The final files are provided either on disc, email or download.

It also includes the design process, which can take from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project. In the end you receive full rights to the completed design, along with the agreed files.

When we work together I will keep you up to date on timelines. As other projects complete, and new projects begin, timelines can change and vary. You can expect the following:

  • logo design – minimum of three weeks.
  • web design – minimum of three weeks, typically 8 weeks.
  • print design – minimum of two weeks, typically 5 weeks.

Projects move at your pace. When I send proofs for review, the length of time it takes for you to bring the feedback to me will change the over all time. Committees and group projects typically take much longer, and I prefer to work with one point of contact.

Maybe, but probably not. I have a number of projects that are currently active. Taking on too much work places strain on all of my clients, and since I work from home, my family as well. I don’t like doing that.

Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) are the main file types provided. Logos will be in vector format, which means that it can be scaled up or down to any size.

Web design is done in Photoshop. You will not be provided the source PSD files, unless we outline that in the agreement. You will have all of the other files to have a complete and working website.

Press documents are usually sent in flat PDF file format, but if you printer would prefer the source files, or another format, I can usually accommodate them.

I can create a style guide as an additional option. It is dependant on upon you. I would advise to have one if there will be a number of individuals using the logo that are not familiar with it usage. The guide is given in PDF format for you to print, or to distribute. Style guides cost extra.

We can, but I strongly encourage contact by email. Usually, I will meet with clients on the phone at the beginning of a project and at the end of the project. With a number of clients and projects on going at the same time, it is important that clients always receive the proper priority, and tracking by email allows me to do just that.

Paying by cheque seems to be the preference of many of my clients, however I also accept payments by paypal, etransfer, and cash too.

Now that I have answered some of your questions, you can have a look at my design portfolio.