I have told friends and clients about the need to have backups. I have sat for hours trying to restore data onto their laptops. It sometimes works, or I can get only some of their info. I backup to a local drive through Time Machine (Mac, automatic), and then I backup to BackBlaze. Both our laptop which has all of our photos on it, and my work computer backup automatically to the cloud.

We live in such a digitized computer and device-centric world now that most of the important data that surrounds our lives. What would happen if the computer or device were damaged and those crucial assets were lost forever? This is for business and home. May of my friends have lost a year or two of their kids photos. The effects would be traumatic.


It’s important to take a preventative step to make sure that even in the event of disaster, your information is completely protected and secure and a service called Backblaze can do just that. And the best part is that it’s easy. Once you sign up for a subscription and download the Backblaze client to your computer, it does all the safeguarding for you in the background, automatically and without you having to manually do anything.

Anytime you add a new document or photo, Backblaze will store it for you in its secure data centers, so in the event that you lose your computer or it just breaks down, you know that all the information you had on it is still safe.  It is automatic. It doesn’t stop.


And the best part about the subscription is that the fee covers unlimited data on your computers, which is definitely a nice bonus that you don’t see very often, with other companies often limiting data storage for each subscription level.

With sheer amount of data that rests on our computers, it’s essential that you have a back-up plan for keeping all that information safe. Take the time to install a lifesaver like Backblaze before it’s too late.

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