I am a self employed graphic designer.

I  graduated from both the University of Saskatchewan (1998) and Algonquin College of Applied Science and Technology (2005). I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a diploma in Graphic Design and set out while still in college (2004) to start CJamesRun Design. I work with clients in Canada, the USA, and in other locations, but for the most part my clients are in Canada.

In August of 2005, post graduation from Algonquin College, Applied Arts (a national graphic design magazine) recognized my submitted work with an honourable mention. In early 2006 I worked with the CMHC‘s (Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation) Ottawa web team that rolled out a new version of their web site.

In December 2007, I move my home and business to the Canadian prairies. Now in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CJamesRun Design offers a full range of design services. Web design and print design are available. Services also include corporate identity, logo design, brochure development and more. I work with clients in and outside of the prairies.